Coverage of Apple’s Special Event “Lets Rock”: iPhone Firmware 2.1 will be Released on Friday, Sept 12

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Apple’s special event "Let’s Rock" should be underway shortly where its speculated that Steve Jobs will be announcing the release of iPhone firmware 2.1 which could  include some surprise new features

Apple’s special event is being held at at the Yerba Buena Centre for Arts in San Francisco.

So if you are looking for all the iPhone related news from Apple’s special event then hit the jump for our coverage of the event.

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That’s all folks, unfortunately none of the new features you folks had hoped for here.

The punters don’t seem to have liked what they heard, Apple stock is down 3.17% at $152.84 (down $5)

Finally, the news we have all been waiting for, iPhone firmware 2.1 will be released on Friday. The update will significantly improve battery life, fewer call drops, crashing problems, increased speed for iTunes backups and various other fixes. Perfect, exactly what we were hoping for. But the sad part is there was no mention of those new features which had got us excited.

As for the wireless App Store which is now available in 62 countries, people have downloaded 100 million apps in 60 days. Steve Jobs has not gone into more details so we are not sure how many of these are paid and how many are free.

The much awaited Nike+ iPhone app accessory will now be included in the iPod Touch. The receiver is built-in to the iPod Touch, so no receiver necessary. We are not sure if this means it will work with iPhone or the old iPod Touch. We will let you know as soon as we get more information.

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Steve Jobs has also announced the new iPod Touch. An integrated volume control on the side, a speaker, and Genius playlist creation seem to be the additional features of the new iPod Touch.

Steve Jobs has just announced the new iPod nano, if you want to get more details about it follow the live blogging links mentioned below.

Apple Special Event

In iTunes 8, you will be able to browse albums by albums cover, and toggle Albums, Artists, Genres and Composers in the tabs at the top. You can also find all the albums of an artist if you scrub over their icon, just like in iPhoto.

Genius information will be sent up to Apple’s servers to figure out your musical tastes. It’s sent anonymously, plus it’s opt-in.

The Genius sidebar will also make recommendations from the iTunes store, which shows you songs from the store (some from other artists) that “go great” with your current songs.

Genius feature details: “Automatically make playlists from songs in your library that go great together – with just one click.” So iTunes will automatically making a playlist based on what music you already listen to.

iTunes 8 will be coming out today, it will include voice over, new browsing, Genius feature as it was speculated. (I am launched iTunes to check if an update is already available – Nop, it says iTunes 7.7.1 is the latest version).

Steve Jobs has just come on stage and has announced that there are already 3000 iPhone applications in the App Store for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The event hasn’t started as yet. Fasten your seat belts.

Special thanks to Jason Chen from Gizmodo.

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