Undocumented Features of iPhone Firmware 2.1

iPhone Firmware 2.1

Apple released the much awaited iPhone firmware 2.1 on Friday to fix issues such as  slow iPhone syncs, dropped calls, iPhone apps crashing issues, 3G reception issues, Apple Logo Screen of Death problem and the security flaw that was discovered by iPhone expert in iPhone firmware 2.0.2 as per the release notes.

However, there were some features that did not make it to iPhone firmware 2.1’s release notes, here is an exhaustive list of some undocumented features of iPhone firmware 2.1 compiled by Mac Rumors Forums user justinomg.

Here is the list of some of the undocumented features courtesy Mac Rumors user justinomg:

    • You can triple-click the mic button on the iPhone ear buds to go to the previous song in the playlist (Steve Jobs had mentioned this during Apple’s Special Event on Tuesday).

  • You can pause apps by tapping the iPhone app’s icon while it downloads/installs.

iPhone Firmware 2.1 Undocumented Features

  • As one of our readers, traxx Trigga had pointed out that you now have an option to load earlier text messages from a user.

iPhone Firmware 2.1 Undocumented Features

  • The iPod application now shows the album artist and album name underneath the song title as seen in the screen shot below.

iPhone Firmware 2.1 Undocumented Features

  • iTunes now tells you how much space is taken by up by iPhone apps installed on your iPhone.

iPhone Firmware 2.1 Undocumented Features

  • You can now disable the camera application from Settings -> General -> Restrictions.

iPhone Firmware 2.1 Undocumented Features

  • After upgrading to iPhone firmware 2.1, when you receive a new text message with preview turned off, it will now displays "New Text Message" rather than displaying sender name like this – "Sender – Text Message". Few users have complained that they liked the earlier feature of displaying the sender name. I guess as a compromise, Apple probably should introduce a setting where users can enable or disable display of the Sender name.

iPhone Firmware 2.1 Undocumented Features

  • Apple has fixed a bug where double tapping  to zoom into the content didn’t work in prior firmware versions in iPhone’s Mail application, the only way to do this was to use the ‘pinch’ method. This has been fixed in iPhone firmware 2.1.

You can check out the rest of the undocumented features by following this thread by justinomg.

Let us know if you have found anything else that has not been listed.

Thanks justinomg!

[via Mac Rumors Forums]

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