iPhone Dev Team Crack iPhone 3G’s Baseband; Closer to Unlocking iPhone 3G

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The iPhone Dev Team had told us last week that they had made significant progress in unlocking iPhone 3G.

They have just reported on their blog that they have managed to crack iPhone 3G’s baseband.

You can checkout the significance of this breakthrough and what it means for unlocking iPhone 3G after the jump.

The iPhone Dev Team had reported last week that they had made significant
progress in unlocking iPhone 3G as they had modified the baseband of
iPhone 3G and even though it failed the integrity check, it was still

Based on the latest update, it appears that the iPhone Dev Team are now even closer. They have managed to crack iPhone 3G’s baseband, this is big news because it means they have access to the core of the
system required to unlock the iPhone.

It gives them the ability to manipulate the iPhone 3G
hardware which will ultimately help them, unlock it so that SIMs from any carrier can be used.

The iPhone Dev team have posted a demo video of a custom application running on iPhone 3G’s baseband:

Here are some details from the dev team:

"Nucleus is
the operating system that runs on the PMB8878 baseband processor, we
are using minicom running on the iPhone to talk to the basband via AT
commands, the AT command shown is a custom AT command that has been
inserted into the PMB8878 that starts an application on the baseband,
one of the things that this application does is to lists the tasks
(processes) that are running within Nucleus."

I guess now its just a matter of time for the iPhone Dev Team to release the much-awaited software method to unlock iPhone 3G. So stay tuned here at iPhone Hacks to get the latest on the iPhone 3G unlocking news.

The comments section is all yours to tell us what you think about the latest development.

[iPhone Dev Team’s blog via Gizmodo]

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