Early Prototype of Walking iPhone Robot

We have already seen the iPhone used for just about anything.

It has been used to control R/C car, iRobot’s Packbot, Unmaned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and an iPhone Lego NXT Robo.

Kazu Terasaki, a Japanese software engineer working in the Silicon Valley area, has turned his iPhone into a walking robot.

Norri Kageki over at GetRobo describes Kazu as a "moonlight inventor". Kazu already has some inventions that have been commercialized in the past such as ThumbType (a tiny keyboard that you can paste on your PDA) and Weird7 (a biped robot kit).

Kazu has been working on a project called PuchiRobo which is another robot kit that enables you to turn anything from a beer can to a tissue box into a walking robot.

He has used that idea to make his iPhone walk too. As of now Kazu uses his computer to move the iPhone, but he plans to develop a chip so that it can be pasted to the iPhone so that it can come walking to you.

You can checkout the brief demonstration below:

Interesting but I don’t think its practical, I would definitely skip a beat to see my iPhone 3G hurl itself off the table on to the floor (as seen in the video below).

However, credit to Kazu for turning an iPhone into a walking robot. You can watch another video made by Kazu himself where he seems to be having some fun with his walking iPhone robot prototype.

Let us know your thoughts on the early prototype of the walking iPhone Robot.

[GetRobo via Gizmodo]

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