iPhone Firmware 2.2: Problems and Workarounds to Fix them

iPhone Firmware 2.2

Apple released iPhone firmware 2.2 last night which includes many improvements and also a lot of bug fixes.

However, some users who have updated their iPhones with the latest iPhone firmware are reporting problems running some iPhone apps, internet connection issues etc.

Problems with iPhone apps:

Users are reporting issue with some third-party iPhone apps due to API changes and other modifications in iPhone firmware 2.2. To fix this issue, iPhone developers will need to update their iPhone apps. It appears applications using CoreAudio are affected.

In some cases where there is no API change, uninstalling and reinstalling the iPhone app could solve the problem.

"Could not connect to internet" error:

Some iPhone users are reporting that they are getting the "Could not connect to internet" error after upgrading to iPhone firmware 2.2.

One of the workarounds to fix this problem is to switch from 3G to EDGE.

App Store extremely slow:

Some iPhone users are reporting issues with the App Store, complaining that it is very slow. However this does not seem to be an issue due to the firmware update but a server side issue due to high load which Apple should fix shortly.

"SIM card not inserted" error:

Some users are receiving an error message indicating that the SIM card is not inserted, or that a PIN lock is in place when none should exist.

You can sometimes get resolved by removing the iPhone’s SIM card, then connecting it to your computer and restoring. iTunes may then reload the iPhone software successfully, after which you can re-insert the SIM card and attempt synchronization with iTunes.

Kilometers instead of miles in Google Maps

It appears that Google Maps for the iPhone now displays kilometers instead of miles for various countries after upgrading to iPhone firmware 2.2. You can temporarily resolve the issue by selecting ‘USA’ in International settings, though this might result in other problems for iPhone users outside the U.S.

Update 1:

As per this Apple forums discussion thread, a number of GMail users are reporting problems sending mail from the iPhone via GMail’s SMTP servers, with a “Sender Not Allowed” response. This is not a problem specific to iPhone firmware 2.2, as iPhone users who have not upgraded to the latest firmware are also observing this problem. The problem seems to be on GMail’s end rather than a problem with the iPhone or iPhone firmware 2.2. The workaround for this issue is to turn off Gmail as your SMTP server until the issue is not resolved (thanks URherenow for highlighting the typo) and configure an alternate outbound SMTP server in your iPhone’s Mail settings.

Update 2:

Step-by-Step Guide to Downgrade from iPhone Firmware 2.2 to Firmware 2.1

Update 3:

Apple Breaks Hardware Method to Unlock iPhone 3G with Firmware 2.2


Are you facing any other problem after upgrading to iPhone firmware 2.2? Tell us in the comments.

Are you facing any of these problems mentioned? Let us know if the workarounds helped or if you have figured out some other way to fix the issue.

[via iPhone Atlas]

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