iPhone Dev Team: Users who want to Unlock iPhone 3G should NOT Update their iPhones with Firmware 2.2

Apple released iPhone firmware 2.2 last night which includes most of the features we had heard about in the last few months such as Google Street View, Podcast over-the-air download and includes fix for the Safari crashes and the iPhone Safari exploit that was reported yesterday.

However, earlier this week the dev team had warned iPhone 3G users who are looking forward to unlock
their iPhone 3Gs to avoid upgrading to iPhone firmware 2.2 until they don’t give an all clear.

They have just published a post on their blog confirming that users who want to unlock iPhone 3G should NOT update their iPhones with the latest firmware update.

iPhone Dev Team warn:

The 2.2 firmware for 3G contains a baseband update for the 3G iPhone.

We can confirm that this update SHOULD NOT be applied using iTunes if you want the chance of a soft-unlock in the near future.

However, that doesn’t mean the end of the world for iPhone 3G users who want the features in iPhone firmware 2.2.

They go on to clarify:

If you want to keep that option of a ‘soft-unlock in the near future’
available but you want the new features of 2.2, you will be able to
update to 2.2 using a PwnageTool created custom ipsw file that disables
the baseband update. You will be able to do this using an updated
version of PwnageTool that will be released sometime soon.

They have also given an update on their hacking technique and Pwnage Tool with respect to iPhone firmware 2.2:

  • We believe that our Pwnage technique (and therefore the Jailbreak) isn’t affected, but PwnageTool and QuickPwn do not support this release as yet, so DO NOT install 2.2 using iTunes as you will lose your jailbreak
  • If you apply this update and you previously relied on PwnageTool or QuickPwn to activate your phone, it may become temporarily deactivated and unusable (until we release the new version of PwnageTool or QuickPwn).
  • PwnageTool and QuickPwn updates will be released as soon as possible that will allow a safe update path to 2.2 the release of these updates is inevitable but not imminent, we are creating the modifications right now and we need to put the new software through the usual testing process.
  • If you apply this update and you have third-party (non AppStore) applications  that you rely on they will stop working.

They have provided some clarifications for the 1st gen iPhone users:

  • The 2.2 firmware for 2G (1st gen iPhones) doesn’t contain a baseband update and the baseband is still at 04.05.04.
  • 2G (1st gen) iPhone users who cannot wait for the new PwnageTool or QuickPwn can safely “Update” to 2.2 using iTunes, this will preserve the existing activation. However “restoring” to 2.2 using iTunes will return the iPhone to the unactivated state. If you are in any doubt just wait. NB: This works for 2G ONLY.

The dev team had this to comment about the hardware unlocking method:

  • The use of SIM-Proxies (small circuit boards/chips that sit underneath the SIM card) to provide GSM/UMTS service on your locked iPhone 3G is a method that we have always advised against. Early reports suggest that the 2.2 update disables the functionality of these devices. The techniques used were always unreliable and we are surprised that they have lasted this long.

The iPhone Dev Team had published a video to demonstrate that they are now able to run background tasks on iPhone 3G. So its just a matter of time for the iPhone Dev Team to release the much-awaited software method to unlock iPhone 3G.

What do you plan to do? Tell us in the comments.

Update 1:

Dev Team Releases PwnageTool 2.2, QuickPwn 2.2 for Mac & QuickPwn 2.2 for Windows; Supports iPhone Firmware 2.2

Update 2:

Apple Breaks Hardware Method to Unlock iPhone 3G with Firmware 2.2

[via iPhone Dev Team’s blog]

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