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Apple’s iTunes App Store has been a resounding success, Steve Jobs had reported during Apple’s Special Event in September that more than 100 million iPhone Apps had been downloaded and that there are already 3000 apps in the App Store for the iPhone and iPod Touch within two months of its launch.

Fast forward, three more months and that number has almost crossed an amazing 10,000 iPhone apps.

Mac Rumors is reporting that the actual number of active iPhone apps that can be downloaded is about 9,676 (and counting).

The number of apps would have crossed the 10,000 mark but since Apple has removed, rejected or banned iPhone apps from the App Store for reasons such as copyright issues, duplicating functionality, offering tethering functionality, based on limited utility, content or materials found objectionable, just a ridiculous app etc, the active iPhone apps is about 9,676 (and counting).

However, the 10,000 iPhone apps mark will be broken in the next few days.

Here are some interesting details about the iPhone apps that are currently available on the App Store:

  • About 24% of apps are free; 35% cost $.99.
  • The average cost is $3.12, including free apps.
  • iPhone Games continue to dominate the App Store with 24% of all apps.
  • This is followed by Entertainment (11.6%) and Utilities (10.9%).
  • iPhone games dominate the Top 100 Free Apps and Top 100 Paid Apps.
  • There are 49 weather related iPhone apps despite the fact that a weather app is built in.

To see some of our favorite iPhone apps checkout the iPhone Apps review section. Tell us your favorite iPhone apps in the comments below.

Its also a good time to ask the question: What changes would you like to see in the App Store?


Folks at TapTapTap, developers of iPhone apps such as Classics ebook reader, Nearby and Tipulator have created an awesome commemorative mosaic made up of the 10,000+ icons of all the apps that made it to the App Store. You can check out the high resolution image here.

[via Mac Rumors]

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