New Screenshots from Firmware 2.2 Confirm Over-The-Air Podcast Downloads Direct to the iPhone

iPhone Firmware 2.2 - Podcast Downloads

We had reported last week that a screenshot of iPhone firmware 2.2 had revealed that iPhone users will have the ability to download podcasts directly on the iPhone in the latest firmware update.

German blog has published new screenshots from iPhone firmware 2.2 that confirm over-the-air podcast downloads direct to the iPhone.

The screenshots below reveal the new iPhone podcast directory interface. It also appears that iPhone users will be able to not only download new versions of already-subscribed podcasts but also browse for new podcasts on the iTunes App.

iPhone firmware 2.2 will also support video podcasts. One of the key features would be the ability to download podcasts not only over Wi-Fi but also over the EDGE or 3G data connection.

iPhone Firmware 2.2 - Podcast Downloads

It is expected that the over-the-air download feature will be for podcasts which are less than 10 mb just like the App Store.

There is still no sign of the Push Notification Service which was expected to be released in September. The Push Notification APIs is Apple’s solution for one of the features that
we have been asking for, ability for iPhone apps
to run in the
background especially for applications like Instant Messenger, Facebook
etc. However, Apple had strangely pulled out the Push Notification
Service APIs in the 4th Beta version of iPhone Firmware 2.1 for "further development". It is speculated that Apple has delayed the push notification service due to major issues with the initial implementation.

iPhone firmware 2.2 Beta 2 and Beta 1 have already revealed the following features:

Apple has not given any indication on when iPhone firmware 2.2 will be released to iPhone users.

I think we have seen and heard enough of iPhone firmware 2.2, Apple should release it soon so that we can start speculating about the other must-have feature like Copy & Paste, MMS in the subsequent firmware update.

What say folks?

[ via Mac Rumors]

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