iPhone Firmware 2.2: More Problems and Workarounds to Fix them

iPhone Firmware 2.2

Apple released iPhone firmware 2.2 late last week which includes many improvements such as Google Street View, Podcast over-the-air download and bug fixes for or the Safari crashes, the iPhone Safari exploit and more.

We had published an article about some of the problems that iPhone users had reported after upgrading to iPhone firmware 2.2.

This is a followup article on workarounds for some more problems that iPhone users are facing after upgrading to the latest firmware.

iPhone apps disappearing:

iPhone users who had installed the Categories app seem to be facing problems after the update. The apps that they had organized in folders using the Categories app are missing.

Rob, one of our readers has pointed out that:

"the new version of Categories app’s disclaimer states to ‘be very careful’, and to ‘remove all apps from folders and uninstall before updating’" to the
latest firmware update.

iPhone users who have not done this are facing issues as the apps that they had organized in folders using the Categories app are missing.

You have the following options to resolve this issue:

  • If the iPhone apps that you had moved to the folders using the Categories app are not the applications that come bundled with the iPhone like Settings, Camera etc then you can try deleting them from iTunes so that they get deleted from your iPhone and try installing them again.
  • You can alternatively install QuickGold on your jailbroken iPhone via Cydia to launch the apps. You should be able to search and launch the missing apps using it.
  • You will need to restore your iPhone and set it up as a "New iPhone", however you will end up losing all your personal data that was backed up which is not an ideal situation.

Weak or Non Existent Signal:

iPhone Atlas readers are reporting weak or non-existent signal after upgrading to iPhone firmware 2.2.

One iPhone Atlas reader writes:

“I recently updated my iphone firmware from 2.1 to 2.2 and since then i
have no signal from my local service provider(not 3G signal). I
experienced no signal problem with the 2.1 firmware.”

Another reader adds:

“Since updating yesterday, I have had serious cell connectivity
issues. The phone is constantly ‘Searching’ for cell service in areas
where it was not a problem before yesterday.”

You might want to first check your iPhone’s signal strength, the best way to do this is to look at its dB meter. You
can access the dB meter by going into field test mode, which is done by
dialing Dial *3001#12345#* then press “Call”. dB is measured in
negative numbers; the closer to zero, the better the signal strength so
a dB reading greater than -50 is considered a good signal.

You can also follow some of these tips to boost signal strength of your iPhone and also this tip in case of iPhone 3G.

Problems Connecting to Wi-Fi

Some users are reporting problems connecting to WiFi networks after the iPhone firmware 2.2 update.

One of our readers reported:

“This problem happend b4 updatin 2 2.2 but im connected 2 my home wifi
and in the list of wifi’s it says im connected but when i try 2 browse
da internet it just says dat im not connected”

Among the potential fixes for WiFi connectivity issues are:

  • Turn Wi-Fi off then on in Settings.
  • “Forget” the currently configured connection and allow it to reconfigure.
  • Switch the router to WPA2.
  • Remove all spaces from the WPA pass phrase.
  • Remove all security from the router until a stable connection is attained then reconfigure the security.

Problems deleting email

Some users are unable to delete emails
from certain accounts after the firmware update.

One of our readers reported:

I’m having problems with mail app. I can’t delete my mail. Don’t know what happened after I updated to 2.2.

This problem can generally be resolved by following these steps:

  • Navigating Settings >
    Mail, Contacts, Calendars > (Your account name) > Advanced >
    Deleted Mailbox
  • Then setting for the “On My iPhone” Trash for a POP
    account, or “On the Server” for an IMAP account.

Home key not working:

Dave one of our readers had reported a problem along with a possible solution::

"A few occasion the home button key was not able to function when iphone
is in phone mode. This issue was rectified after iphone was restarted."

Thanks folks for all your feedback and comments, keep them coming.

Are you facing any of these problems mentioned? Let us know if the
workarounds helped or if you have figured out some other way to fix the

Are you facing any other problem after upgrading to iPhone firmware 2.2? Tell us in the comments.

[via iPhone Atlas]

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