Presentation on Hacking the iPhone by the Dev Team

Hacking the iPhone

Bushing, Pytey, Musclenerd and Planetbeing, the iPhone hacking geniuses from the Dev Team gave a one hour presentation at the 25th Chaos Communication Congress (25C3) in Berlin on December 27th about jailbreaking and unlocking the iPhone.

You can checkout the video of their presentation after the break.

It was also the first time, some of the iPhone dev team members who have worked together tirelessly to bring us the latest hacking tools met in person.

As mentioned earlier, the presentation is an hour long and is highly technical. But it is a must-watch if you wanted to find out about the exploits used for the 1st gen iPhone and iPhone 3G by the iPhone dev team.

There is no one better to give a presentation on hacking the iPhone then the dev team who have always released the updated version of their hacking tools when Apple releases the latest iPhone firmware.

During the presentation, the iPhone dev team confirmed that the 1st gen iPhone is fully pwned and unlikely to experience any unlocking issues while in case of iPhone 3G for which they will be releasing their solution via Cydia on New year’s eve might need a new exploit for each new version of the baseband.

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