Apple might Introduce 32 GB iPhone at Macworld 2009

iPhone 3G

MacBlogz is claiming that they have received an anonymous tip that Apple might introduce 32 GB iPhone at Macworld 2009 which takes place from January 5th to 9th, 2009.

Their tipster claims to work with a third party iPhone accessory supplier and has access to iPhone’s short-term roadmap.

Due to the space taken up by iPhone’s communication
hardware it is possible to only house a
single NAND Flash chip in the iPhone while the iPod Touch can accommodate two. That is the reason the largest iPhone 3G (16GB) in terms of storage capacity currently has 1/2 the memory of
the largest iPod Touch (32GB).

But Mac Rumors reports that might soon change as Toshiba announced in August that they would begin mass production of higher density 32GB NAND Flash chips in the 4th quarter of 2008.

So the rumor of the iPhone getting a storage bump at Macworld 2009 could be one of the possibilities.

If that hasn’t made you happy then the announcement made by Intel last month surely will. They had announced that they have developed NAND Flash chips that could increase this maximum to 64GB by early 2009.

However, the "storage bump" prediction is an easy one based on what we have seen with the iPod family of products and the iPhone which was first introduced last year with 4GB and 8GB storage capacities.

I also expect iPhone 3G to get a much faster processor running at 533 MHz just like the 2nd generation iPod Touch. The iPhone 3G and 1st gen iPhone processors currently  run at 412MHz.

What are your predictions for Macworld 2009?

[MacBlogz via Mac Rumors]

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