SnapTell Explorer brings Instant Product Lookup to the iPhone

When I decide to buy something, I often wander around the Internet to search for product information, user reviews and compare the price among major online stores.

I not only like to take an informed decision while buying something but also want to be sure I get the best deal.

If you’re like me then SnapTell Explorer from SnapTell is definitely an iPhone app you need to install on your iPhone.

SnapTell Explorer is very simple to use. You launch the iPhone app from your iPhone’s home screen, take a photo of any
books, CD, DVD or video game cover. SnapTell
automatically recognizes the item and gives you the links about
the product to Amazon, YouTube, Wikipedia, eBay, Barnes & Noble,
etc. You can get all the product information along with the product review at one place. The app also looks up the price of the item and
shows you the lowest price. You can just click on the link to purchase the item online.


The recent upgrade of SnapTell Explorer adds support for
local price search. By making use of iPhone’s location service, users
can now view the availability and price of the product at local stores. You can also get directions to local store
or call the store directly. The local price feature is pretty great
addon to this awesome application. However, it currently supports local
stores in US only.

Amazon’s Amazon Mobile which I had reviewed earlier includes a feature known as Amazon
Remembers that is quite similar to what SnapTell does. But, unlike
Amazon Remembers, which relies on a manual process to recognize
the product image (making it slow), SnapTell Explorer can recognize the product
image using its proprietary image matching technology. And, the
recognition process takes few seconds. You don’t need to wait for
it. I have tested out the application with different product covers,
including book cover, camera manual, CD and DVD.This handy application
recognizes them accurately even in low/bad light condition. And, the
search for item information takes less than 10 seconds.

For now, SnapTell Explorer only
supports the search of book, CD, DVD or video game, as SnapTell
claimed. I tried to take photos of some other items to see if it works. I tried to take a photo of
my iPhone box. SnapTell Explorer returned a book about iPhone. And,
when I took a photo of my Panasonic digital camera, it returned a
photoshop book in the search results. Then I tried to take a photo of my Nikon D80
camera. This time SnapTell Explorer returned with "No match found".
The interesting thing was that SnapTell Explorer tried its best to search for
related items available in its database. 

It will be great if SnapTell expand the scope of product search from just books, CD, DVD or video games as it would make it even more useful.

But even without that, SnapTell joins my ever growing list of favorite iPhone apps.

SnapTell Explorer is available from App Store for free. You can download it at this direct iTunes link.

What do you think about SnapTell Explorer? As always, don’t forget to
drop us a line to tell us what you think in the

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