Possible Photo of Apple’s iPhone Nano?

iPhone Nano Rumor

It looks like iPhone Nano is going to dominate the rumor mill prior to Macworld 2009.

Last week, iDealsChina had published the information and rendering of the
iPhone Nano case
manufactured by a Chinese case manufacturer, XSKN
claiming that the product will be announced at Macworld San Francisco

Yesterday, we had reported that the case manufacturer had added references to iPhone
nano on its website
suggesting that rumors of a smaller version of
iPhone could be true.

And now MacRumors has published photo of iPhone Nano which were submitted by an anonymous reader.

MacRumors has clarified that they have "serious doubts about the likelyhood of such a device based on the quality of the sources as well as the practicality of introducing a new form factor to the iPhone/iPod Touch platform."

However, MacRumors points out that it is at least consistent with the leaked photo of iPhone nano’s case.

But in my opinion, the photo of the iPhone nano as seen below appears to be a Photoshop job.

iPhone Nano Rumor

Here are some of the reasons why I think the iPhone nano is unlikely:

  • The so-called iPhone Nano’s screen is too small to use iPhone’s virtual keyboard.
  • The smaller screen will have issues for iPhone apps that are currently developed for iPhone’s 3.5 inch screen.

I would like to add another reason to this list, I think the so-called iPhone Nano would make it difficult to use as a phone as it is too small to cover the distance between the human ear and the mouth which is essential for mobile phones with a brick-like form factor.

What do you think? Do you think it will be usable?


Case Manufacturer Publishes the Entire Series of iPhone Nano Cases for Sale

[via MacRumors]

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