iPhone Nano Rumors: Case Manufacturer has Now added References to iPhone Nano on its Website

iPhone Nano Rumor

The iPhone Nano rumors are showing no signs of dying down. Last week, iDealsChina had published the information and rendering of the
iPhone Nano case manufactured by a Chinese case manufacturer
claiming that the product will be announced at Macworld San Francisco

The iPhone and iPod case manufacturer has now added references to iPhone nano on its website suggesting that rumors of a smaller version of iPhone could be true.

The Chinese case manufacturer, XSKN had leaked the photos of Apple’s iPhone 3G case with a curved back before it was launched.

You can see the references over at XSKN’s website, however they haven’t displayed the photos of the iPhone nano case under the iPhone nano category. 

iPhone Nano Rumor

It just seems like another publicity stunt by the case manufacturer to get attention with the hope that the traffic would bring additional business.

As its unlikely that Apple would trust a vendor who had leaked the
photos of the iPhone 3G case to give them details of their upcoming

What do you think?


Case Manufacturer Publishes the Entire Series of iPhone Nano Cases for Sale

Possible Photo of Apple’s iPhone Nano?

[via Apple Insider]

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