AT&T Selling Refurbished iPhone 3G’s for $99

iPhone 3G and AT&T

Walmart has finally announced that Apple’s iPhone 3G will be available in their retail stores from Sunday, Dec 28. But there was no mention of the rumored $99 iPhone.

However, if you are looking for a $99 iPhone there is some good news, AT&T has started selling refurbished iPhone 3G’s for $99, a $100 off its retail price.

AT&T has started selling refurbished 8 GB iPhone 3G model for $99 and 16 GB iPhone 3G model for $199 both with a 2-year contract and 90-day warranty. This translates into a $100 off its retail prices on each iPhone model.

Refurbished iPhone 3G

So if you are interested and do not mind the reduced warranty period then you might want to hurry up to grab one as they are selling it for a limited time which means until stocks last.

[via TheiPhoneBlog]

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