Evernote’s iPhone App Helps you Organize Life’s Information

Evernote for he iPhone

Advertised as “your external brain”, Evernote lets you remember anything that you want using your iPhone. You can jot down stuff that you need to buy for home, save interesting pictures when you’re out with friends, take a snapshot of a product that you’ll purchase later or capture an interesting quote from a conversation.

You name it and Evernote is there to organize that information for you and more importantly the information is easily accessible and searchable at any time.

Evernote on the iPhone helps you memorize anything you want by adding
notes in the various form: text note, snapshot/photo note and voice
note. The snapshot and voice note are especially handy when you do not
want to type lengthy text using iPhone’s virtual keyboard. For every
note you save, it is automatically upload to your Evernote server via
WiFi or 3G/EDGE. So, you can refer them back whenever you need.

Evernote for he iPhone

The interface of Evernote is simple and intuitive. To get started, it requires you to first register an account. The service is free and upgradable to a
premium account with larger upload allowance.

Evernote for he iPhone

To add a new note, you can just tap on the “New Note” button and select
the type of note you’d like to add. For every note you save, you can
add title, tags and detailed description to make it searchable. Also,
you can organize the note into various notebooks that might have created
previously. To browse the notes, you can tap on “Notes” button and it
shows you all the notes from all your notebooks. You can also do a
simple text search using the interface to locate your desired note.

Evernote for he iPhone  
Evernote for he iPhone

One notable feature that I should highlight is Evernote can
automatically recognize the text in your snapshots and make the text
searchable which is an awesome feature. Evernote claim that they
can recognize photos of anything from whiteboards to business cards to
wine labels. I have tried out the image recognition with two photos:
wine label and book cover. It worked for my book cover and as I
typed “Bull” in the search bar, Evernote showed up that snapshot
note with the “Bull” text. But for wine label, the text was not

Evernote for he iPhone

Evernote for the iPhone is only part of the Evernote service. Evernote also
offers a desktop version of Evernote client, available on both Windows
and Mac. You can also access Evernote via your web browser. So,
whenever you have something to jot down, Evernote is there to take note and save it for you, which can then be
accessible from your computer as well as on your iPhone when you are on the move.

So far, the iPhone version of Evernote has worked pretty well for me. But
there is one thing I’d like to see improvement: let me create new
notebook on iPhone. Presently, there is no way to create a new notebook
on iPhone. When you need to create a new notebook, you’ll need to go
back to desktop or web version and then sync it back to iPhone which is a pain.

This app definitely joins our list of must-have iPhone apps. The iPhone app is available for free and you can download it directly using this iTunes link.

So if the iPhone app is free how do they make money? They offer Evernote Premium which costs $5 per month or $45 per year which gives you additional storage space (500 MB vs 40 MB for the free account) and offers better and stronger security features and also offers priority image recognition for the images uploaded by you.

Evernote recently raised $4.5 million for development and marketing of its product and also won the Crunchies award for the Best Mobile Startup.

What do you think about Evernote’s iPhone app? Does it help organize your life’s information? Leave your comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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