New version of Clippy Brings SMS Copy & Paste; But ℏClipboard Still the Best


Clippy, the impressive jaibreak iPhone app which brought the missing Copy and Paste feature to the iPhone had a few limitations.

It was not possible to copy text from SMS messages and email using Clippy. You could copy only one item at a time using Clippy unlike ℏClipboard which allows you to copy multiple content to the clipboard.

Ryan Petrich, developer of Clippy has released new version of Clippy which addresses some of these limitations.

Ryan Petrich has released couple of versions (v0.93 and v0.94) of Clippy since we wrote about it. The latest version includes the following enhancements:

  • Copy Text from SMS messages: One of the limitations of the initial versions of Clippy was that you could not copy SMS messages. You can now double-tap on SMS messages to copy the content to the clipboard.

  • Clippy   

  • New Clipboard Stack Feature: You can now copy multiple items to the clipboard thanks to the stack feature. You can access the clipboard Stack by tapping on the "stack" button as seen in the screenshot below.

  • Clippy

  • Improved Text Selection Performance: One of the features that I really like about Clippy is the ability to select text to copy contents, Ryan has improved text selection performance.
  • New Double-tap selection mode: This is useful when you want to copy the entire content to the clipboard.
  • Internationalization Support: Full support for English, German and Simplified Chinese. Partial support for French, Spanish, Italian and Japanese.

The latest version of Clippy makes the jailbreak iPhone app even better. However, is the new version of Clippy better than ℏClipboard, the best Copy and Paste solution for the iPhone?

Clippy has some advantages over ℏClipboard. The latest version of Clippy gives iPhone users the ability to copy SMS messages which can be achieved using a workaround with ℏClipboard and Clippy also offers a much better way of selecting text which has got better in the latest verion.

But in my opinion, the implementation of the ℏClipboard keyboard for the copy and paste functions along with easy access to the primary and secondary clipboard and the ability to copy text from iPhone's Safari browser makes ℏClipboard, still the best Copy and Paste solution for the iPhone.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

[Images via Simon Blog]