Digg’s Kevin Rose Confirms iPhone Firmware 3.0 will Include Copy & Paste, Palm Pre like Features [Updated]

iPhone firmware 3.0 event

Gizmodo just reported that Digg's Kevin Rose provided some details on what to expect in iPhone firmware 3.0 which will be previewed this Tuesday during the live Diggnation show at SXSW in Austin last night.

Kevin Rose was spot on with his predictions about Apple's Special event "Let's Rock" in September last year where Apple had announced complete revamp of the iPod line including second generation iPod Touch and release of iPhone firmware 2.1.

So as per Kevin Rose, iPhone firmware 3.0 will include the Copy and Paste feature and it will work like this:

  • Users magnify or double tap a word to bring up cut and paste
  • Pinch "boundaries" to select word(s); Rose called them "copy boundaries"
  • Then you get option to cut, paste or copy

If that's true its good news, Copy and paste have been one of the most request features since iPhone's launch. We have seen jailbreak apps such as hClipboard and Clippy that have brought the missing feature to the jailbroken iPhone.

Gizmodo also reported that as per their sources Kevin Rose also mentioned that:

"the 3.0 update will have enough new features and additions to
bring it up to the Palm Pre levels. Whatever Palm Pre has shown us so
far, apparently, the iPhone will have too when 3.0 becomes official."

Though that doesn't tell us much, we will let you know in case we get any more details.

However, the bad news is that there will be no Video or MMS features which contradicts BGR's sources who claimed that iPhone Firmware 3.0 is expected to have the following features:

  • MMS
  • Tethering via Bluetooth and USB

Update 1:

Here's the video from the Diggination show:

So Kevin mentioned that the reason for NO video was some technical reason. It could still mean we might see it when the next generation iPhone is released.

Update 2:

Here are some features that we can expect if Kevin's comment about Palm Pre like features is indeed true.

Update 3:

I just heard the video again, Kevin didn't say No MMS, he just mentioned he didn't hear anything about MMS.

I guess in less than 48 hours we will find out.

What's your take?

[via Gizmodo]