Have iPhone Safari Crashes Reduced Significantly After Upgrading to iPhone Firmware 2.2.1?

iPhone Safari logo

iPhone's Safari browser is easily one of the best mobile browsers I have used and one of my favorite iPhone apps; however I had just one complaint. It crashed quite often. It was a view shared by many readers here at iPhone Hacks which is why we had written an article on how to fix Safari crashes.

Its more than a month since I have upgraded to firmware 2.2.1 and I am happy to report that Safari crashes have reduced significantly.

Apple was aware of this problem and has released iPhone firmware updates to fix the Safari crashes such as firmware 2.2 and then again in iPhone firmware 2.2.1.

Though firmware 2.2 reduced the Safari crashes, Safari still crashed almost once a day if not more. However, after upgrading to firmware 2.2.1, the Safari crashes have reduced significantly. It has reduced so much that it is no longer an issue for me.

Though some users cribbed that the firmware 2.2.1 update didn't have enough new features to update their iPhone, I think the reduced Safari crashes is good reason to upgrade to the latest firmware (if you want to hack your iPhone then you should read this post before upgrading).

So kudos to Apple Engineer's for fixing one of my major gripes about iPhone's Safari browser.

I am curious to know your experience? Has the Safari crashes reduced after upgrading to firmware 2.2.1? Please let us know in the comments.