iPhone Firmware 3.0 Wish List

iPhone firmware 3.0 event

When we broke the news that Apple will be hosting a special event tomorrow (March 17) to preview iPhone firmware 3.0, we had asked our readers the question: What's on your wish list? to find out which features they were looking forward to in the next major firmware update.

We got a superb response to that post and subsequent posts about iPhone firmware 3.0 from you folks. So we have compiled a list of all the features and are calling it the "iPhone firmware 3.0 Wish List".

It will be interesting to see how many features from the wish list actually make it to Apple's next generation OS for the iPhone.

So without wasting any time, here is the list of features that you want to see in iPhone firmware 3.0:

  1. Full Bluetooth Functionality

    1. A2DP audio streaming

    2. Bluetooth SAP

    3. Bluetooth file transfer

    4. External keyboard support

    5. Voice activated dialing via Bluetooth

  2. Support for Adobe Flash

  3. MMS

  4. Ability to customize the iPhone like you can do
    with Winterboard

    1. Ability to customize the iPhone like you can with

    2. Custom background image

    3. Ability to switch between white background black
      letters and black background and white letters for battery

    4. Themes

  5. Better Calendar App:

    1. Ability to invite other people to meetings.

    2. Ability to suggest alternative times when
      receiving meeting invitations.

    3. Ability to schedule meetings from address-book

    4. Ability to dial a phone number that appears in
      the "Location" field or the body of a calendar entry.

    5. iCal subscriptions.

    6. A week/work week(5days) view on the calendar.

    7. Ability to snooze meeting reminders and set
      recurring reminders until you acknowledge it.

    8. The ability to accept invitations in Mail and
      have them added to your calendar.

    9. Better iCal intergation with Maps app

  6. Video Recording

  7. Better SMS App

    1. Use in Landscape mode

    2. Ability to forward SMS

    3. Save messages as drafts

    4. Smileys

    5. Ability to add multiple recipients in one go
      rather than adding them one by one.

    6. Add multiple people to a threaded conversation

    7. Ability to send contacts via SMS

  8. Ability to run apps in the background (Push

  9. Copy and Paste

  10. Landscape mode for all apps

  11. Better integration with MS Outlook

  12. Better way to manage and launch iPhone apps

    1. Ability to make a gesture to swipe through apps
      just like swiping through webpages on safari, rather than having to
      go home, pick a new app, go home, pick a new app, etc.

    2. Ability to arrange apps in folders/categories

  13. Ability to lock the accelerometer

  14. Turn by turn voice navigation (True GPS)

  15. Ability to send any file as attachments

  16. Tethering

  17. Ability to edit documents

  18. Better Mail App:

    1. Search feature

    2. Use in Landscape mode.

    3. Ability to enable/disable the out of office
      notification from the exchange account settings.

    4. Ability to make folders in pop accounts in the
      mail app.

    5. Emails from multiple accounts should all show up
      in one list, rather than backing out of one to get to another etc.

  19. Video Ringtones

  20. Ability to change SMS tones

  21. VoIP Calls over 3G

  22. Virtual Keyboard with Haptic Feedback

  23. Better Photo App

  24. Better Contacts app

    1. Smart Contact groups

    2. View contacts in flow view

    3. Display Company name in contacts and ability to search by Company name.

  25. Better Google Maps app

    1. Turn by turn navigation

    2. Voice directions

  26. Wi-Fi Syncing:

    1. Ability to remotely sync my iphone / itouch
      without having to connect to the computer.

  27. Ability to remove default iPhone apps such as
    Stocks etc.

  28. Ability to set alarm volume.

  29. Support for Emoji Icons outside Japan as well.

  30. Display Call waiting Notification on-screen.

  31. Ability to download files from the internet.

We have ordered the list of features based on number of times it was mentioned by a reader (it threw up some interesting preferences).  We have also tried to group the features as much as possible so you will see features such as "Better Mail App" rather than say search functionality in the mail app.

As you can see, we have got a big list of 25 features so far, some of them are new features while some are enhancements to existing features. In case, we missed out your feature from the list, we apologize for the oversight. Please drop us a line in the comments, and we will add it to this list.

Thanks a ton everyone for contributing to this wish list. It would be a dream if all of them make it to the official feature list.

But let's be practical, we are unlikely to see features like "VoIP Calls over 3G" as carriers are not going to allow it, so we will have a look at how many of these feature actually make it to the official feature list of iPhone firmware 3.0 after Apple's special event.

Please note that we will continue to update this list based on your comments until Apple's special event tomorrow. So please feel free to drop us a line in the comments below to tell us: What's on your wish list?