iPhone Hacks Allow you to Install More iPhone Apps on your iPhone

Hacks to Install more iPhone apps

The number of iPhone apps on the App Store is well over 23,000 and increasing by the hour. If you're like me who installs lots of applications on your iPhone, you might soon hit the 9 Home screens limit (some have probably already hit it).

That's 148 iPhone apps (16*9 = 144 iPhone app icons on the home screen + 4 iPhone app icons on the dock).

If you are looking for a hack to install more iPhone applications then I have good news for you. If you have a jailbroken iPhone, you'll be able to install more applications on your iPhone thanks to three iPhone hacks from the hacking community.

There are three easy hacks that will allow you install more iPhone applications on your jailbroken iPhone:

The first hack adds an additional row to your iPhone's home screen. This can be done by installing the jailbreak app aptly called FiveIrows. FiveIrows is a hack that can be installed from Cydia (via Touch-Mania source).

After installing FiveIrows, you'll see an extra empty row on your iPhone's home screen. You can move or install more iPhone applications to fill that empty row.

You can checkout the screenshot below to get an idea (slightly cramped but isn't too bad):

Hacks to Install more iPhone apps

Five Column SpringBoard (FCSB):

FCSB allows you to add an extra column of iPhone app icons on the home screen. This five column springboard hack is still in development and not yet available for download directly via Cydia. If you'd like to install this hack, you'll have to install it manually.

To install Five Column Springboard, follow these steps (however with caution as its still under development):

  • Install MobileSubstrate, Ruby, MobileTerminal and Erica Utilities. All these packages can be found on Cydia.
  • Once you've installed all the above packages. Download fcsb-054.deb.
  • Transfer "fcsb-054.deb" to iPhone using SSH and put it under "/private/var/mobile".
  • Launch MobileTerminal application and type "su root"
  • Then type "alpine" for password. Followed by typing "dpkg -i fcsb-054.deb"
  • Reboot your iPhone.
  • Once it's rebooted, you'll see an extra row of iPhone application icons. To uninstall the hack, you can remove it using Cydia.

The screenshot below will give you an idea:

Hacks to Install more iPhone apps

Five Icon Dock:
To push the number of iPhone applications to the limit, the final tweak is to add an extra icon for the dock. Five Icon Dock, developed by the developer of Cydia, allows you to add one more frequently-used iPhone app to the dock. Simply download and install "Five Icon Dock" application via Cydia.

After installing it, you will be able to drag an additional iPhone app icon to the dock as seen in the screenshot below: 

Hacks to Install more iPhone apps

Combine the iPhone hacks to increase the limit of iPhone apps from 148 to 230:

As you can see from the screenshot below, you can combine all the three hacks to increase the number of iPhone applications that can be installed on your iPhone from 148 to 230 (25*9 = 225 iPhone app icons on the home screen + 5 iPhone app icons on the dock). Cool, right?  

Hacks to Install more iPhone apps

I prefer to have the most frequently used iPhone apps on the first home screen and use the quick launcher app QuickGold to launch iPhone apps on other home screens, so increasing the number of iPhone apps from 20 to 30 iPhone apps (especially the ability to fit an additional iPhone app in the dock) was very useful.


Readers have also suggested that you could use jailbreak app Categories which allows you to organize iPhone apps in appropriate folders thus allowing you to install as many apps as you want (Thanks Michael and willdta).

What do you think about these hacks? Which one do you like most? As always, please leave us a comment.