More Rumors about Apple’s New iPhone

The iPhone rumor mill is working overtime.

Apple's special event to preview iPhone firmware 3.0 has started a flurry of rumors and speculations of the next generation iPhone which is speculated to be released in June.

This week doesn't seem to be any different as Mac Rumors is reporting that they are "hearing whispers" that the new iPhone will support a 7.2Mbit chipset in line with what we had heard last week about Apple's next generation iPhone supporting faster internet connectivity.

There were several rumors and speculations last week which started with references to new iPhones and new iPod Touch in iPhone firmware 3.0, then the screenshot from firmware 3.0 which suggests that the next generation iPhone could get the video capabilities. AppleInsider also reconfirmed this rumor and also claimed that as per their source the new iPhone will come with significantly improved hardware to improve the gaming experience on the iPhone thus indicating that it could use multi-core processors which we had reported couple of months back.

We then had Silicon Valley Insider claiming that as per their source the next generation iPhone will have "a significantly faster Internet connection".

We also had an Australian website claiming that Apple's new iPhone will include an OLED screen made by LG which if true could improve iPhone's battery life.

Mac Rumors is now reporting that are also getting indications from their sources that the new iPhone will support faster internet connection:

We've also continued to hear unconfirmed whispers and have specifically
heard that the new iPhone with support a 7.2Mbit chipset.

They are highlighting the reason for the increase in the number of leaks is probably because Apple has to keep their carrier partners informed about their next generation iPhone.

Mac Rumors also claims that:

"Apple may have settled on the Marvell PXA168 ARM chip as the heart of a future device. Some unconfirmed claims point to Apple buying up supplies of this chip which is reportedly also due in the July timeframe. The Marvell PXA168 CPU was announced in January of this year and aims to provide "entry-level laptop" capabilities to consumer electronic devices."

The feature list of the next generation iPhone are turning out to be very interesting. If Apple's competitors are following them like we are then it would definitely be giving them sleepless nights.

What do you think?

[via Mac Rumors]