Can we expect these Palm Pre like features in iPhone firmware 3.0?

iPhone and Palm Pre

You might have read our earlier post about Digg's Kevin Rose providing some details on what to expect in iPhone firmware 3.0 which will be previewed this Tuesday.

One of the interesting things that he mentioned was that as per his source iPhone firmware 3.0 will have Palm Pre like features. But he didn't go into the details, so we decided to figure out the additional features in the upcoming Palm Pre that are currently missing from the iPhone.

We referred to Gizmodo's excellent post and Technologizer's superb T-Grid which compared Apple's iPhone 3G and Palm Pre to figure out the additional features in Palm Pre. So here is what we can expect in iPhone firmware 3.0:

  • Multi-Tasking (so guess that means the ability to run iPhone apps in the background)
  • Copy and Paste
  • Bluetooth
  • MMS
  • Tethering (not sure if this will via Bluetooth as in Pre)

We have commented before that competition from Palm Pre will be healthy as it will keep Apple honest and force them to innovate even though we believe that Apple doesn't need an external push to innovate. The new iPod Shuffle which Apple released last week is a good example, though I must admit it has been frustrating to see basic features like Copy and Paste still missing from the iPhone even after so many firmware updates.

So folks, what do you think? It will be great to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.