Apple Seeds 3rd Beta of iPhone OS 3.0: Includes Improvements to Push Notification Service & More

iPhone firmware 3.0 event

Apple has just seeded developers of their iPhone Developer Program with the third beta version of iPhone firmware 3.0 which Apple had previewed last month.

The third beta version of iPhone firmware 3.0 (Build: 7A280f) arrives exactly two weeks after the second beta version was released.

iPhone developers are already reporting that they have observed some improvements and changes.

iPhone developers have already observed the following improvements and changes in the third beta version of iPhone OS 3.0 (Build: 7A280f):

  • Appears to be lot more snappier during keyboard input and use of App Store application.
  • Spotlight saves its last search results.
  • Apple seems to have made improvements to the Push Notification Service in the latest beta version. Ars Technica is reporting:
The major change in the UIKit API is that Apple has added separate
types for the three notification methods: badge, text alert, and sound.
Developers can register their apps for these different notification
types individually for the needs of their users. Previously, apps
registered to received remote notifications but controlled the type via
settings. Developers we spoke to universally agreed that this was a
welcome improvement.

Apple has also released an updated version of iPhone SDK (Build: 9M2728) which includes the following changes:

  • New Overview toolbar.
  • Revamped assistant interface for creating new projects, targets and files.

Dashcode, the integrated development environment (IDE) for creating Dashboard widgets has also been updated to allow the creation of iPhone-optimized web applications.

Apple had finally included Push Notifications support in the second beta version of iPhone OS 3.0. The second beta version had also revealed a new feature (or enhancement) where you will now be allowed to have 11
Home screens (pages of iPhone apps) instead of the current restriction
of 9 Home screens.

As always, we will let you know if we get any more details so stay tuned here at iPhone hacks.

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