iPhone vs Asus Netbook Extreme Typing Test in a Rally Car

If you are a long time iPhone user who is used to its on-screen virtual
keyboard, you might find the need of a physical keyboard unnecessary.

However, some folks insist that its one of deal breakers. We had already some hacks which have paired an external keyboard with the iPhone.

Folks at Crave have actually pitted the iPhone with its software-based QWERTY keyboard against a Netbook with its full Qwerty keyboard (but with tiny keys) to find out which one is better in terms of mobile productivity.

Crave UK's Rory Reid carried out the unscientific experiment between the iPhone vs an Asus Netbook in a rally car which does 0-60mph in 2.39 seconds. If you thought that the lack of a physical keyboard is a deal breaker then you'll be surprised by the test results.

You can checkout the video of the extreme test below:

The iPhone wins quite easily. Some of you might say that the experiment is too extreme and not the conditions that you will experience normally, but I must admit that I was quite surprised by the test results.

In my opinion an experiment between an iPhone and a BlackBerry would have been more appropriate as in this experiment the iPhone's word correction feature seems to have made the difference.

As always, let us know what you think about the experiment. Do you really miss a physical keyboard while using the iPhone?

[via Crave UK]