Leaked AT&T Memo Compares Apple’s iPhone 3G with iPhone Killer – Palm Pre

Folks at PreCentral have got their hands on a leaked internal AT&T memo that compares Apple's iPhone 3G with Palm Pre which is dubbed by many as an iPhone killer.

Based on the internal document it looks like Palm Pre which will be offered exclusive by rival Sprint has got AT&T worried. They had done a similar thing prior to the launch Blackberry Storm.

Some of the important points highlighted in the document are mentioned below:

  • The App Store for the iPhone with more than 30,000 iPhone apps and almost 1 billion downloads has a proven track record.
  • Palm Pre has internal storage of 8 GB, while the max storage capacity available on iPhone 3G is 16 GB and it's rumored that Apple's next generation iPhone will come with 32 GB storage capacity.
  • One of the interesting points from the document is that AT&T believes that Palm Pre will not support multi-touch for which Apple has a patent. While Palm clearly has mentioned on its website that Palm Pre will support multi-touch interface. Is there something AT&T knows which isn't public knowledge?
  • One of the best things about the iPhone is the integration with iTunes. Apparently there is no sync mechanism available in Palm and one has to drag-and-drop tracks from the computer.
  • AT&T also highlights that iPhone 3G "Global GPS; aGPS for maximum speed, accuracy and reliability even in
    built-up areas”
    while Pre “Can’t receive map updates or
    location assist information in most of the world due to lack of GSM
  • Palm Pre also will have limited Wi-Fi access unlike iPhone 3G where as you have free access to more than 17,000 AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots.

You can checkout the full AT&T leaked memo below:

Based on the internal memo, Apple's iPhone 3G blows away Palm Pre though AT&T seems to have missed some of the features in Pre that are missing in the iPhone such as:

  • Users will be able to run apps in the background. Apple will be introducing Push Notification Service in iPhone OS 3.0 as a workaround which according to them "preserves battery life, maintains performance, optimized for mobile networks".
  • Pre sports a physical slide-out QWERTY keyboard while iPhone has an on screen virtual QWERTY keyboard which is a deal breaker from many users.
  • I just love the wireless charging feature that will available for Pre though it would have been even cooler if it was built-in and one didn't have to buy a separate accessory.

Apple's next generation iPhone which is expected to be announced in June will also up the ante significantly with video capabilities, more storage, faster processor, internet connectivity, OLED screen for improved battery life and support for faster 802.11n Wi-Fi.

What do you think? Do you believe that Palm Pre is an iPhone killer especially if rumors about Apple's new iPhone turn out to be true?

[via PalmCentral.net]