iPhone 3G S Launch on Friday; Lines form in New York and Tokyo

New iPhone 3G S

If you thought the hype for Apple's iPhone 3G S would be tempered as compared to the original iPhone and iPhone 3G, then think again as the over-eager iPhone fanboys have already started forming lines outside Apple's flagship store on 5th Avenue in New York and Tokyo to be the first to get their hands on iPhone 3G S.

The iPhone 3G S will be available at over 2,200 AT&T retail stores
launch day as well as the 211 Apple Retail Stores in the USA and
customers will be able to buy iPhone 3G S at Walmart and Best Buy
retail stores as well this year.

Apple's retail stores will be opening at 7 a.m. in all time zones for the launch of the next generation iPhone.

Pre-order customers should begin getting their iPhone 3G S deliveries on Friday while those who had reserved an iPhone 3G S at either Apple or AT&T retail stores will be able to visit the
stores to pick up their units at any time during business hours.

AT&T has published additional tips for customers buying iPhone 3G S on Friday and also posted this neat video of iPhone 3G Ss being packaged at their distribution center:

In UK, O2 customers can get their iPhone 3G S starting at O2, Apple, and Carphone Warehouse stores starting 8:02 am according to 02's press release.

Robert Scoble had commented at the time of iPhone 3G launch last year that "waiting in line for an Apple product is glorious, even if it is idiotic."

What do you plan to do? Do you plan to join the lines to buy iPhone 3G S on launch day?