iPhone 3G S Rumor Roundup: Features that didn’t make it to the Official Feature list

New iPhone 3G S

We had heard several rumors and speculations surrounding iPhone 3G S prior to Apple's WWDC 2009 Keynote address, just like we normally do when Apple has a special event.

We all know the new features in iPhone 3G S so in this article, I'm are trying to look back on the (rumored) features or changes that didn't make it to iPhone 3GS's official feature list.

Here is the list of features or changes that we didn't make it to the new iPhone 3G S.

No Front Facing Camera:

There were a lot of speculations that Apple will bring a front facing camera. There was also a rumor that Apple might release a 4GB iPhone mode with video calling feature for $99

Limited Apps running in the Background:

It was rumored that Apple was seriously evaluating the option of allowing limited third party iPhone apps to run in the background
in the new iPhone with it's improved hardware, a feature that the
iPhone lacks but one that is already available in some smart phones
such as T-Mobile G1, and the recently launched Palm Pre.

For now, Apple will only give us
Push Notification, which is their solution to allow third party iPhone Apps
such as IM, Skype etc to run at the background.

Faster Internet Connectivity:

The wireless radio component specification distributed with iPhone OS 3.0 beta had revealed support for a new chip which could have brought support for 802.11n Wi-Fi in Apple's next generation iPhone. However, 802.11n is not part of iPhone 3G S's official feature list.

(As you might know, 802.11n is the latest in wireless technology that is capable of giving approximately five times the performance and up to twice the range in comparison to the earlier 802.11g standard).

OLED Screen:

It was speculated that Apple might include OLED display in the new iPhone.
I was quite keen on this one as an OLED display draws far less power
and could operate longer on the same charge. Although, iPhone 3G S has
improved battery life, it still does not have any OLED display.

Glowing Apple Logo:

We had also heard that the Apple logo at the back of the new iPhone will glow.  It would have been a nice and easy way of differentiating between the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3G S.

FM Radio:

iPhone OS 3.0 beta had revealed support for a new Broadcom chip BCM4329. Folks who had done some digging through the specs of the new Broadcom chip had discovered that it also supports reception and
transmission of FM radio signals.

Matte Finish Back Cover:

It was strongly speculated that the back cover of the new iPhone would have a matte finish. However, Apple has kept the new iPhone 3G S has kept it unchanged and has the iPhone 3G's shiny black finish.

Metal Rim remains Intact:

The so called leaked photos of iPhone's bezel had indicated that the metal rim (that surrounds the edge of the device) could get replaced by a black metal or plastic case.

In my opinion, Apple announced enough new features in iPhone 3G S to stay ahead of the competition but they would have blown us away if they had also included a front camera for video calling, allowed limited  iPhone apps to run in the background and also  an OLED screen to further improve battery life in iPhone 3G S.

Do you think any of these features would have given customers an incentive to either buy or upgrade to iPhone 3G S? Please let us know in the comment section below.