iPhone OS 3.0: News and Rumor Roundup before WWDC

iPhone firmware 3.0 event

Apple gave us a glimpse of iPhone OS 3.0 at a special event in March and announced more than 100 new features in iPhone OS 3.0. Since then, Apple has released five beta versions of iPhone OS 3.0, which has revealed some interesting details in the latest iPhone OS 3.0.

With WWDC less than a day away, there are chances that Apple might release iPhone OS 3.0 as early as tomorrow at WWDC.  

In this article, we have tried to cover almost every news and rumor that revolved around the iPhone OS 3.0 including the preview event to give you a summary of what to expect.

Video Recording and Editing:

iPhone OS 3.0 beta has given us a glimpse of the video recording feature and also of the ability to edit movies on the iPhone. But if this feature is introduced it will be available only with next generation iPhone allowing users to record videos and then also carry out basic video editing them on the iPhone itself. It will  be one of the killer apps in the new iPhone.

Push Notification Service:

One of the most anticipated features of iPhone OS 3.0 is Apple’s solution or workaround for one of the features that we have been asking for i.e. the ability to run third party iPhone apps in the background especially for applications like Instant Messenger, Facebook etc.

Cut-Copy-Paste capability:

This was one of the most basic features missing in the iPhone. With the new iPhone OS 3.0 users will be able to cut, copy and paste content.

SMS app enhancement and MMS capability:

MMS: Users will be able to find send and receive photos, audio, vCard (contact cards), and ‘location’. iPhone OS 3.0 has also revealed that you will also be able to send and receive videos over MMS.

SMS app enhancement: The user will be able to finally forward and delete multiple text messages and will be able to use the landscape mode.

Voice Memos:

Users will be able to record notes, lectures, interviews etc and send the recorded voice files either as an email or MMS. It will also have the ability to edit the voice files on the iPhone itself.

Bluetooth Support:

iPhone OS 3.0 will support bluetooth and will allow the following:

a). Ability to use bluetooth stereo headphones and speaker with iPhone 3G.
b). Peer to Peer connectivity: Ability to play multiplayer games and to share information.
c). Third-party Accessories: allowing accessory manufacturers to create application to interface with their hardware accessories over Bluetooth.

Spotlight (Universal Search Feature for iPhone):

Apple has addressed the lack of a search feature by adding an app called Spotlight. Spotlight for iPhone will now be your new left-most home screen. You can just start typing in the search box which brings up a list of everything that matches your search. Users will be able to search contacts, messages etc and will also be able to launch the searched applications.

Turn By Turn GPS:

With iPhone OS 3.0, users will be able to see third party Turn by Turn GPS apps for the iPhone. However, developers will need to include their own maps due to licensing issues.

Tethering Capability:

iPhone OS 3.0 will also bring the ability to tether the iPhone to feed a data connection to your computer to surf the internet. However it will depend on carriers to add tethering support on their networks.

Movies and TV Shows direct download:

It is speculated that with iPhone OS 3.0, users will be able to download movies and tv shows directly to their iPhones.

Apple already allows users to download songs, podcasts and iPhone apps over the air using iPhone’s data connection if the file size is less than 10mb, if the file size is more than 10mb, users have to download it over Wi-Fi.

And with Apple’s new iPhone expected to support faster Wi-Fi, it might just become a possibility.

Landscape Mode:

iPhone OS 3.0 will allow users to use iPhone’s virtual keyboard in landscape mode across most iPhone apps.

App Store Changes:

Parental Control:

Apple might introduce age-based parental control for iPhone Apps. This change follows some earlier unpopular instances such as apple rejecting and then allowing NIN Access app and many more such apps stories.

It will be a step in the right direction to avoid rejecting apps like Nine Inch Nails’ NIN: Access for an absurd reason.

Redownloading of Apps:

If you are redownloading a previously owned app using your iPhone, then you might have to pay for it again. Redownloading app is free only when done using your computer. This change is sure to annoy iPhone users who either do not share apps or have a single login account.

In App Purchase:

Apple will introduce a new business model, which will add more ways for the developers to charge users for an iPhone app. The models are Subscriptions, charging for additional content or levels.

More Home Button Options:

Apple has added the Camera app to the Home button settings (Settings > General > Home Button) in iPhone OS 3.0. So you can quickly launch it from your iPhone’s home screen or any other iPhone app by double-clicking on the Home button.

Battery Indicator:

With the iPhone OS 3.0, the battery indicator, in addition to the current battery bar, will display the remaining battery power in percentage.

Better Photos:

It has been observed that the photos taken with iPhone OS 3.0 appear more clear and sharper than the ones taken with iPhone OS 2.2.1.

Find My iPhone feature:

iPhone OS 3.0 has also revealed a feature called ‘Find my iPhone’. It is speculated that the service could obtain iPhone’s location and make it available to MobileMe user on request if the unit is lost or stolen. 

Apple has released 5 beta versions of iPhone OS 3.0 (beta 1, beta 2, beta 3, beta 4 and beta 5) to developers of iPhone Developer Program. But it has been almost a month, since they have released a beta version and Apple also concluded testing of Push Notification Service, so there are chances that Apple might release iPhone OS 3.0 tomorrow.

Let’s hope we discover many more features after iPhone OS 3.0 is officially released.

We will be covering Apple’s Keynote address at WWDC tomorrow (10am PDT) where Apple will hopefully make some announcements about the third generation iPhone and iPhone OS 3.0, so stay tuned here at iPhone Hacks.

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