iPhone OS 3.0: Hidden Features

iPhone OS 3.0

It has been more than a week since Apple released the
much awaited iPhone OS 3.0 which included 100 new features such as Copy and Paste, Spotlight, Bluetooth, Push Notification, MMS, Tethering (last 2 not yet available in US) and more.

But the fun part is to discover the features that Apple didn't mention. So in case you haven't stumbled upon them already, checkout some of the hidden features in iPhone OS 3.0 after the jump so that you can start using them.

  • You can now have 11 home screens instead of the previous limit of 9 home screens. So you can now launch 32 more iPhone apps from your iPhone's home screen.
  • Thanks to Spotlight for iPhone, there is no limit on the number of iPhone apps that can be installed on the iPhone running iPhone OS 3.0 assumming that you have the required storage space on your iPhone. If you install more applications then the home screen icon limit, you can now access them using Spotlight.
  • This hidden feature addresses one of the minor annoyance in
    previous iPhone OS. When a phone call interrupts you, after the phone
    call you are taken back to the iPhone app you were using before you
    were interrupted.
  • iPhone's virtual keyboard has also been updated with few more extra
    special characters while holding certain characters down similar to the
    ".com" button. In iPhone OS 3.0, when you hold down the "." you also get "…". The dash "-" also displays an em-dash "-" and quotations and
    apostrophes display "<<" and ">>" and can also be curved.
  • Along with Spotlight, Apple has also added Camera app to the Home button settings (Settings > General > Home Button) in iPhone fimrware 3.0 so if the Camera application is your favorite iPhone; you can quickly launch it from your iPhone's home screen or any other iPhone app by double-clicking on the Home button.
  • You now have another option to force quit an unresponsive iPhone app. You can hold the sleep/wake button until the red slider
    appears, then press and hold down the home button to quit the iPhone app.
  • You can undo typing by shaking the iPhone. When you are in the Mail, Messaging, Safari or Notes applications,
    after you typed a word/several words, just shake the phone and a pop-up
    will appear, asking you whether you want to undo what you have just

Please don't forget to drop us a line in the comment section below to tell us which hidden feature you liked the most from this list or if you would like to tell us about a feature that you have stumbled upon in iPhone OS 3.0.