More Details and Photos of Apple’s New iPhone Code Named ‘iPhone 3GS’?

John Gruber of Daring Fireball has just come out with his WWDC prediction. He has reiterated what he told us couple of weeks back that Apple’s new iPhone will have a faster processor, more RAM, more storage capacity, video camera.

He also expects Apple to announce the third generation iPhone at WWDC tomorrow.

Meanwhile, folks at have also posted images that claim to be photos of the next generation iPhone.

WWDC 2009 Predictions:

Gruber has a good track record with Apple predictions. He has just come out with his WWDC prediction. His predictions regarding the iPhone are as follows:

  • Apple will announce updated iPhones at WWDC with significantly faster processor, twice the RAM up from 128MB to 256MB and twice the storage capacity.
  • The pricing of the new iPhones would remain the same at $199 and $299.
  • The video camera is going to be the next big thing in the new iPhones just like we had heard.
  • Gruber has heard that the code name of the new iPhone is iPhone 3GS, though he is not certain if it will be officially called that and doesn’t know what it stands for. Any idea?
  • The battery life of the new iPhone will be 15-20% more than iPhone 3G. One of the biggest problems with iPhone 3G is its battery life, so I was looking for something in the range of 50% improvement. But improved battery life with a faster processor and new features like video recording might be something I can live with.
  • iPhone 3GS will have the same or similar form factor as iPhone 3G. I was hoping that the new iPhone will be slightly thinner, but he believes the existing cases will fit iPhone 3GS.
  • The other interesting thing he predicts is lower-priced iPhones. He believes that Apple will offer an iPhone for $99. However, he is not sure if it will be an iPhone nano/mini or the current 8GB iPhone 3G model at reduced price. He speculates it would be the later though he believes Apple will release an iPhone nano/mini at some point of time in the future. He is also not sure if will be announced at WWDC.
  • He expects AT&T to charge for the tethering feature which is part of iPhone OS 3.0. However, he isn’t sure how this will work with Apple’s various carrier partners around the world. I say the simplest solution to that problem would be to offer it for free.

Gruber has made some predictions for Snow Leopard, the next major version of Mac OS X and iTablet. You can checkout his post here for the details.

Is this the New iPhone?

Folks at have also posted photos of what they claim are of Apple’s new iPhone.

According to the photos, the new iPhone does not have a chrome rim, has a back cover with matte finish, a front-facing camera and more importantly iPhone OS 3.0 just like we have heard before.

But though Gruber mentioned a video camera, he did not have anything to say about the front facing camera.

New iPhone's photo

New iPhone's photo
New iPhone's photo

So if Gruber’s WWDC 2009 prediction and several other rumors and speculations turn out to be true, we will soon find out if these photos are of Apple’s new iPhone.

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