iPhone 3GS Jailbreak Released; Dev Team Demo iPhone 3GS Unlocking Solution

Unlock iPhone 3G using ultrasn0w

George Hotz (aka Geohot), a member of the iPhone Dev Team and the first to unlock the original iPhone (iPhone 2G) is back. He has released a software called purplera1n to jailbreak iPhone 3GS.

He seems to have released it on his personal blog against the wishes of others in the Dev Team as he didn't seem to agree with the decision that the jailbreak for iPhone 3GS had to wait until iPhone OS 3.1.

This one is only for iPhone 3GS users, if you are an iPhone 3G users, please checkout our step-by-step guide
to jailbreak iPhone 3G running iPhone OS 3.0 for Windows
or Mac users.

Geohot has explained the reason for releasing purplera1n on his personal blog:

Normally I don’t make tools for the general public, and rather wait for
the dev team to do it. But guys, whats up with waiting until 3.1? That
isn’t how the game is played. We release, Apple fixes, we find new
holes. It isn’t worth waiting because you might have the “last” hole in
the iPhone. What last hole…this isn’t golf. I’ll find a new one next

He has also provided the instructions to use it:

Download it. Make sure you have windows(but not 7), the latest iTunes
installed, and an iPhone 3GS with 3.0 firmware. Connect your iPhone
normally. Click "make it ra1n". Wait. On bootup, run Freeze, the
purplera1n installer app. Hopefully you'll figure out what to do from

You can download purplera1n from http://purplera1n.com/.

In the meantime, Dev Team have also published a video demonstration of their unlocking solution UltraSn0w for iPhone 3GS.

They have provided the following details about their unlocking solution for iPhone 3GS:

Our ultrasn0w program uses the at+xlog crash as an injection vector of our unlocking payload — and it does so on the 3GS in exactly the same way as on the 3G!  But this injection vector will be lost if you update to 3.1 using the official Apple IPSW, which updates the baseband.  So stay away from official 3.1 IPSWs until we release the tools that let you update the firmware without updating the baseband.

Before you use purplera1n to jailbreak iPhone 3GS, please
remember that hacking your iPhone could void its warranty and at your
own risk so please proceed with caution.

But if you are the adventurous types and have been waiting to jailbreak your new iPhone 3GS and plan to give it a shot, please drop us a line to tell us how it goes.

Thanks Ali and Simes for the tip!

Update (July 4th, 2009):

Geohot has released the second revision of purplera1n (RC2) to jailbreak iPhone 3GS. The latest version includes:

  • Vista, Windows 7, International, 64-bit support
  • Less flakiness in the payload
  • Cydia tar cleaned up
  • Improved logging with slightly more useful errors
  • New kernel patches, codesign errors gone. Props posixninja
  • Added vm_map +x, passed vm_check
  • No winterboard yet, but now that ball is in Saurik's court 🙂
  • Still in beta, use caution

Please checkout our step by step guide to jailbreak iPhone 3GS running iPhone OS 3.0 using Purlera1n.

[via Geohot's blog, Dev Team's blog]