iPhone OS 3.1 Beta 2 Released; Disables Tethering Functionality Enabled using Hack

Apple has seeded developers of their iPhone Developer Program with the second beta version of iPhone OS 3.1. As usual, Apple hasn't provided much details about the improvements expected in the second beta version of iPhone OS 3.1.

But based on initial reports it looks like it breaks the hack which allowed users to enable tethering in the US and other countries where the feature is not officially available.

The process of tethering allows your laptop to use your iPhone's data connection to surf the internet.

Even though tethering was one of the 100 new features in iPhone OS 3.0, it is officially not available to iPhone users in the US and some other countries. AT&T plans to provide the tethering functionality officially later
this summer and it is widely speculated that they will charge an
additional monthly fee for the functionality

As you might already know, some clever folks had figured out a simple hack to enable tethering on iPhone 3G running iPhone OS 3.0. You can checkout our step-by-step guide to enable tethering on your iPhone 3G running iPhone OS 3.0.

But the bad news is that the second beta version of iPhone OS 3.1 seems to break the hack.

So if you are enjoying the tethering functionality using the hack then please do not update your iPhone with iPhone OS 3.1 when it is released.