iPhone OS 3.1 Beta 3 Reveals Improved Copy & Paste Feature for Videos?

Folks at WhenWillApple have discovered changes in the copy/paste feature for videos in iPhone OS 3.1 beta  3 that was released to developers just few hours ago.

So you will be able to copy and paste videos in emails like you can do with photos. In iPhone OS 3.0, you could only use the share option which would compress the video to a lower resolution.

Justin over at WhenWillApple explains:

"I was able to copy, paste, and email a 33 second / 14.7MB file through
gmail. I got the file at the full 640×480 / 30fps. Sending the same
file via the share function yeild a file size of 3.21MB at the
compressed 480×320 / 30fps."

However, he has noticed a size limit:

"There does seem to be a limit on what you can paste into the email
though.  When trying videos over 1 min I was still able to copy, but
when pasting nothing would show up.

Looks like the limit is 15MB. I wonder if this is a setting in place due to concerns from AT&T"

Justin has also posted a video to demonstrate the improved copy/paste feature for videos:

We will keep you posted if we hear any more changes in iPhone OS 3.1 beta 3 so please stay tuned.

[via WhenWillApple]