MMS will be Enabled for AT&T’s iPhone Customers in iPhone OS 3.1

AT&T was strangely absent in the list of carriers supporting MMS and
tethering – two new features introduced in iPhone OS 3.0. This had quite rightly caused widespread uproar from AT&T's iPhone customers.

We might have some good news as we just got a tip from one of our readers, Marvin that the MMS feature will be enabled in iPhone OS 3.1 for AT&T customers. He got this information from a top AT&T technician who wants to be anonymous.

AT&T has maintained that MMS support will be available later this summer.

We haven't been able to confirm this from any other source but the latest tip seems to be in line with the information we are getting from the iPhone app developers who have already been seeded with beta versions of iPhone OS 3.1. They are reporting that MMS is beginning to work with AT&T.

iPhoneAlley had reported that one iPhone developer in Little Rock, AR had reported that sending and receiving photos has been working since July 9th. Another developer that reported on July 17th that MMS worked for him in several major cities during a road trip.

Apple has already released three beta versions of iPhone OS 3.1 (beta 1, beta 2 and beta 3) and is expected to release the final version to iPhone users in mid-August.

In case you can't wait for AT&T to officially support the MMS feature then checkout our step-by-step guide
to enable the MMS feature on iPhone 3G
and iPhone 2G running iPhone OS
thanks to some clever folks who had figured out a way to enable it.

Thanks Marvin for the tip!

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