AT&T Deactivates ‘View My Message’ Ahead of Activation of MMS for iPhone Users

ATT Deactivates View My Message workaround ahead of MMS Activation on Sep 25

MMS will finally be available to iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS users in a couple of days from now. In preparation for this activation, AT&T today sent out a text message to its customers that they are deactivating the 'View My Message' workaround that let MMS recipients view the message on the 'View My Message' website. 

The message from AT&T reads thus: "AT&T Free Msg: Picture & video messaging (MMS) will be available for iPhone on 9/25. While we prepare your account for MMS capability, the current "view my message" experience will be turned off but your ability to send and receive text messages will not be affected."

For months, iPhone users had been complaining about the lack of MMS capability on their phones. This was despite the fact that the MMS feature was available on the iPhone OS 3.0. The blame was placed squarely on AT&T who had constantly tried to pacify their customers into understanding the reasons behind the delay in the activation of the MMS service. According to AT&T, the delay was primarily because there was a need to calibrate each of the base stations in order to prepare the radio access controllers in their network that would enable their network to handle any amount of load on the network once MMS was available. 

We will not know if the wait was worth it unless the service is actually made available on September 25th. But considering that a lot of iPhone users have already used this hack to enable MMS on iPhone OS 3.1, AT&T should expect their networks to only be as stable (or unstable) as it is currently even post the MMS activation. 

Did you get the text message from AT&T? Have you been waiting for the MMS feature? Let us know in the comments.

[via MacRumors]

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