iPhone Declared UK’s Coolest Brand

iPhone listed UK's coolest brand

Yet another reason to proudly flaunt your iPhone. In its latest list, CoolBrands, an annual initiative to study the latest trends in 'coolness' of brands, has listed iPhone as the coolest brand in UK. With this, iPhone toppled Aston Martin from the top spot which it had held for the past three years. 

The joy doesn't stop there. Three out of the top five spots are held by Apple brands. Apple, the company is seen as the third most coolest brand while the iPod is the fourth in coolness. The closest among Apple's business competitors in the list is Blackberry which was ranked seventh, up 16 places since last year.

CoolBrands was launched in 2001 and it compiles an independent selection list of over 10,000 brands which is narrowed down to a final list of 500. The shortlist of the survey was compiled by over 2500 voters and the top 20 was voted by a panel which included DJ Edith Bowman and Adam & Eve founding partner, James Murphy.

The iPhone has had a very successful one year in UK. Apple sold close to 5 million units in UK just from March to June of this year. According to Stephen Cheliotis, the Chief executive of the Center of Brand Analysis which administered the survey, "The iPhone is something everyone has been talking about. There has been so such a buzz around it and people who haven't got one, want one."

There has been a very tough competition from Aston Martin, the favorite car of James Bond and Stephen thinks iPhone's rise to the top could be also be partially contributed by the economic climate. "But what we've also seen this year is that people want something aspirational but that's not going to break the bank", he said.

Here is the top 20 list

1. iPhone (up one spot)
2. Aston Martin (down one spot)
3. Apple (same position)
4. iPod (up 36 spots)
5. Nintendo (up two spots)
6. YouTube (down one spot)
7. BlackBerry (up 16 spots)
8. Google (down two spots)
9. Bang & Olufsen (down five spots)
10. PlayStation (up five spots)
11. Xbox (down 28 spots)
12. Tate Modern (down two spots)
13. Dom Perignon (down two spots)
14. Virgin Atlantic (down two spots)
15. Ferrari (down two spots)
16. Sony (same position)
17. Mini (up 11 spots)
18. Vivienne Westwood (up 23 spots)
19. Rolex (down ten spots)
20. BBC iPlayer (New entry)

So do you think Apple's iPhone is the coolest brand? If so, why? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

[CoolBrands via Telegraph]

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