MMS feature is Now Live for AT&T’s iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS Customers

AT&T had announced that MMS will be available to their iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS customers from today and they had reconfirmed this couple of days back.

We have got quite a few tips from our wonderful readers that MMS has started working for them.

iPhone Carrier Update

AT&T is rolling out the MMS feature via a carrier update, so if you connect your iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS to iTunes (MMS is not available on the original iPhone), you should get the following message:

iPhone Carrier Update

If you have a jailbroken iPhone and/or an unlocked iPhone and wondering if it is safe to download and update the carrier settings then the answer to that question is a “yes” but if you have not upgraded to iPhone OS 3.1 then, please read the message carefully as you might accidentally say yes to downloading and installing iPhone OS 3.1. Here is some more information on iPhone carrier updates as per Apple's knowledge base article:

"iTunes 7.7 and later has the ability to update the carrier specific settings on iPhone with iPhone 2.0 software or later. Carrier settings updates are small files (about 10k) that are downloaded from iTunes to be installed on your iPhone. The carrier settings can include updates to the default APN (how iPhone accesses the carrier's cellular data network), special dialing codes at Settings > Phone > [Carrier] Services, default settings for Stocks, Maps, Weather, and other items."

So how do you know if MMS is enabled?

If MMS is enabled, the Camera icon button should appear as seen below and you should be able to send photos or videos using the Messages application.

iPhone MMS

To send a photo or video, tap the Camera icon button and tap “Take Photo or Video” or “Choose Existing” and select an item from a photo album and tap Choose.

The limit to the size of attachments is determined by the carrier, which in the case of AT&T seems to be 10MB. iPhone also compresses the photo or video before sending it if required.

Though there were some rumors that AT&T was extremely nervous about the iPhone MMS launch, it looks like the MMS functionality is working very well based on initial reports and feedback from our readers, which is good to hear as AT&T has been working hard  to prepare for the launch of the MMS feature.

Please note that AT&T seems to be rolling out the feature in a phased manner so you might have to wait a little longer than the others to get the carrier update to enable the MMS feature. It also looks like you need iPhone OS 3.1 and iTunes 8.2.1 or higher to get the carrier update. If you haven't upgraded to iPhone OS 3.1 then you can try this MMS hack that was discovered by Aaron Krill.

If you have already updated your iPhone with the carrier update successfully, please let us know how it goes.


You can checkout this Knowledge base article for more details on how to enable MMS on iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. If you are unable to use MMS after following the steps that have been provided then checkout this article to troubleshoot the issue.

Thanks everyone for the heads up!

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