Apple Announces Two Billion iPhone Apps Downloaded from the App Store

Apple announces two billion apps download from App Store

Apple today announced a heartening milestone – two billion iPhone apps have been downloaded from the iPhone App Store as of date.

This landmark comes close to one year and two months after the App Store was officially launched for iPhone and iPod touch customers. 

The growth in the popularity of the App Store has been nothing short of staggering. With over 50 million iPhone and iPod touch owners worldwide in close to 77 countries, the App Store is an excellent business opportunity for tons of small time developers who have created what is now called the app economy. Today there are close to 85,000 apps on the Apple App Store and over 125,000 developers at the Apple's iPhone developer program

The rate at which the apps were downloaded has been steadily on the rise. According to AppleInsider, the average number of iPhone apps downloaded has increased from 4.1 million per day in the early part of 2009 to 6.3 million per day currently. Half a billion of the overall two billion apps were downloaded just in the past quarter. This number does not include updates.

Apple announces two billion apps download from App Store

The App Store is estimated to bring close to $440 million of revenue to Apple every year.

It took Apple almost 9 months to cross the mark of 1 Billion iPhone apps, which in itself was very impressive and the second billion iPhone apps were downloaded in just 4 months. With the iPhone soon to launch in China, the largest mobile market in the world, it will be interesting to see how quick Apple is able to reach the next billion downloads milestone. 

Any guesses?

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