Dev Team: New iPhone 3GS Units Not Jailbreak-Proof

New bootrom update hackable says iPhone Dev Team

Earlier this month, we had written about the new iPhone 3GS units shipped by Apple which came with an updated bootrom that made these new iPhone units jailbreak-proof. 

If that news made you lose sleep, here is something to cheer about. Now we hear from the iPhone Dev Team that while the new bootrom indeed interferes with the current hacking tools, it is not after all jailbreak-proof. 

Bootrom is a small piece of code that runs during the boot up and its primary task is to verify that the boot image is not corrupted. Apple has updated this code to also check for unauthorized firmware like the 24kpwn exploit that has been used to jailbreak iPhone 3GS. 

In an interview to, Eric McDonald, a member of the iPhone Dev Team has said that while the updated bootrom does indeed interferes with the 24kpwn exploit, which makes it difficult to start the jailbroken iPhone 3GS if it is shutdown. As a workaround to the problem, one needs to tether (connect) the iPhone to a computer to restart it. While this sounds like needless trouble for jailbroken iPhone users, McDonald has said that it is only a matter of time before the jailbreak team release another exploit to counter the new bootrom. 

The cat and mouse game between Apple and the iPhone hacking community has been on for over two years now and Apple only knows too well that an updated exploit should be on its way soon. Nevertheless, contractual obligations mandate that Apple provide all technological infrastructure to help its carrier partners like AT&T from losing customers. 

Do you think it is better for Apple and their customers if the company decides to end this race by opening up to all carriers and also opening up the iPhone SDK so that jailbreak apps like Winterboard, SBSettings etc, which are currently available on Cydia are available on the iPhone App Store? 

Why do you jailbreak your iPhone? Please do let us know your thoughts in the comments. 

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