New Verizon Ad Attacks iPhone: Claims Everything iPhone Doesn’t Motorola Droid Does

New Verizon ad for Motorola Droid attacks iPhone

We have been writing over the past few weeks about the declining possibility of Verizon selling iPhones anytime in the near future. 

That possibility is now virtually over with a new Verizon ad promoting the upcoming launch of an Android supported Motorola handset which is pretty much positioned as the anti-iPhone.

The Verizon ad targets all of the features that iPhone lacks like the absence of a physical keyboard, the inability to run simultaneous apps,run widgets, the camera etc. and ends with the lines “Everything iDon’t..Droid does“. Motorola Droid, previously known as Sholes, shall include a OMAP3430 processor, a 5MP camera, a slideout QWERTY keyboard that shall compliment the touch screen and shall run on the Andoid OS. 

Verizon has launched the ad campaign at the website. While the official launch date is still unclear. TechCrunch speculates the launch to be around the 30th of this month. 

It is interesting how Verizon has directly attacked Apple in this ad and not AT&T. Verizon had attacked AT&T’s coverage in the ad that aired couple of weeks back.  With the business of network carriers directly correlated to the sales volume of the handsets they come locked with, and possibly because consumers choose mobile phones more so because of the features they come with rather than the network connectivity, Verizon has made this a Droid vs. iPhone affair rather than Verizon vs. AT&T. 

However, one thing is becoming clearer. Verizon’s direct attack of the iPhone features makes it an unlikely carrier partner anytime soon.

What do you think? 

[ via TechCrunch]

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