Analyst: To Double iPhone’s Market Share in US, Apple Simply Has to Unlock the iPhone

Apple Can double iPhone market share in US by opening up to more carriers

While Apple is going places to increase their global smartphone market share by launching iPhone in newer markets; the newest one coming up in China soon, it seems there is a very simple alternative to drastically up the market share just inside US – by opening up to more carriers. This is according to a study by Morgan Stanley's Kathryn Huberty. 

According to Kathryn, the current market share of iPhone in the six markets which are still exclusive is around 4%. By merely opening up the network in these six markets, the market share here could be pushed up to 10%. In US alone, Kathryn expects the market share to rise from the current 4.9% to 12.2% by partnering with more carriers like Verizon. 

This report comes as no surprise. We have already heard rumors that Apple might add new carriers in the US within a year. While the technology, brand and aesthetics of iPhone has been a huge pull among the customers, the network that the phone is locked to has been a deterrent in equal measure. AT&T has not been able to cope up with the increasing load on their capacity caused by customers in the high iPhone density areas like New York and San Francisco and have told us that they're working hard to address the problem. Recently, Apple even confessed to users facing 30% dropped calls on an average in New York City. 

Some of our readers from Boston and New York City commented in our earlier article that they had observed high percentage of dropped calls on AT&T while others from the East Bay, California seemed to have faced no such problems at all. That makes us wonder if opening up the iPhone to other carriers alone will help Apple double their market share in the US. 

Do you know of anyone who has stayed away from the iPhone just because of issues with AT&T? 

[via BusinessInsider]

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