Has Apple Started Field Testing the Next Gen iPhone?

Apple begins field testing on new iPhone 4G

Has Apple begun field testing the next generation of iPhone? 

Chances are likely as folks at MacRumors suggest. The website is reporting of a few iPhone apps that seem to have tracked access from iPhone models hitherto not available in the market. 

Conventionally, Apple assigns a device identification number to each of the different iPhone models. Analytics software used by iPhone apps can track this id to offer app developers an insight into the devices accessing their apps. In this case, an iPhone app named iBART, which is a public transportation guide for the San Francisco train system detected that its iPhone apps were being accessed from a device identified as "iPhone 3,1". For the record, iPhone 3GS which is the most recent model launched by Apple is identified as "iPhone 2,1". 

Could there be something that these numbers tell us? If we go by Apple's traditional nomenclature, this could mean a much improved model from iPhone 3GS. This is because, though iPhone 3G had lots of improvements over the original iPhone including features like radio and GPS, the identification number incremented only in the decimals from 1,1 to 1,2. However, when iPhone 3GS was launched, the improved processing speed and performance meant that the identification number was upgraded to 2,1. 

On these lines, we could conveniently speculate that the new iPhone 4G could bring in much more enhancements in terms of speed and performance. But that need not be the only improvement. In the past few weeks, we have heard reports about the new model being a smaller device which is also CDMA compatible. We've also heard other rumors about the new iPhone being an iTablet and coming with RFID sensors

Which of these is true? We do not know. But we would sure like to  hear from you about what you think could be the new features that could most easily come in on the new iPhone. Please tell us your thoughts. 

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