Is Motorola Droid’s 5MP Camera Better Than iPhone’s?

Is Droid actually an iPhone Killer

Verizon proudly flaunts Droid's 5 megapixel camera in the "Droid Does" ad campaign where it mocked iPhone's camera with the line "iDon't take 5-megapixel pictures". But is the Droid camera indeed better than iPhone 3GS's camera? 

Andy Ihnatko, a tech columnist at Chicago Sun has countered the argument with actual camera shots. A picture is worth a thousand words indeed. 

In a series of pictures captured over Droid and iPhone, Andy has tried to compare the camera quality of Droid over the iPhone. One thing that has been very evident from these images posted on Flickr is the fact that the iPhone camera seems to be 'smarter' in focusing on the essentials while the pictures taken off the Droid camera are a bit bland.

Here is an example:

Motorola Droid camera said to produce poorer images than iPhone

As you would notice, the iPhone's 'tap to focus' feature has been able to capture the essential part; in this case the flower and thus produce a much clearer image than the image produced on a Droid. 

Andy blames the camera software for the poorer pictures. In his words, "Where software inside the Droid is easily bamboozled by uncooperative lighting, the iPhone’s camera app almost always finds a workable and attractive solution". 

With Motorola Droid all set to launch tomorrow, do you think the phone shall live up to the high expectations? With a vitriolic ad campaign against the iPhone, comparisons are bound to be made against the iPhone and revelations as this one are sure to hurt the customer perceptions of the smartphone. 

What do you think?

[Andy's Flickr Stream via The iPhone Blog]

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