Is Motorola Droid Really An iPhone Killer?

Is Droid actually an iPhone Killer

This has really been the question of the week and will probably continue to linger for long, until the next quarter results are out. 

So why is so much being made out of Motorola Droid and why, for the first time ever, people are actually seeing an 'iPhone killer' which can actually live up to its name? 

There are two ways to look at Motorola Droid; especially in the light of the Verizon ad pitting it directly against the iPhone with the "Everything iDont, Droid Does" tag line. The first way to look at it is as that new smartphone that has features that even the mighty iPhone doesn't. The iPhone cannot run widgets, cannot multitask and has a poor camera and here is this new product that has all of these and so is the new leader of the segment. This is the perspective that has got people all excited and wondering if this is the iPhone-killer that has been prophesized to arrive for long. 

There is a second, more practical way of looking at it. For all that the rivals may say, the iPhone is here to stay, for more than one reason. With a huge App Store, innovations that define the future (remember that the iPhone came at a time when a smartphone segment was hardly defined) and aesthetics that has created a fanbase for Apple, the iPhone already has a head start over competitors, including the Droid. Hence, the way forward for a right-thinking rival to compete in the smartphone market is not to compete against the iPhone, but to compete with the lesser mortals – like the Pre, Windows Mobile or even Blackberry. 

Looking from the second perspective, the "Everything iDon't, Droid Does" tagline makes much more sense. Droid indeed has features that the iPhone doesn't. It offers an opportunity for you to take better pictures, it has a physical keyboard which the iPhone doesn't. Based on comments from our readers, these are features that the iPhone user don't really care about. But these are features might make it a compelling alternative for consumers who would otherwise go for a Blackberry or Pre. 

The bottomline of this argument is that the Motorola Droid is not the iPhone killer that it is made out to be. Rather, along with the iPhone, the Droid can set up an industry which could have two mammoth products of contrasting features and lesser rivals that mimick the features of either of these two phones. 

This can however not be a convicing answer to the gadget freaks who want nothing but the best smartphone. How would you decide which of the two phones should you buy? Greg from TechCrunch has an elaborate feature-by-feature review of the two smartphones and his verdict is pretty inconclusive. Greg writes

"If you want a phone that just works and does damned near everything you could want and don’t mind Apple’s closed garden: by all means, get the iPhone. If you can handle a bit of complexity for the sake of flexibility and don’t mind having to tinker a bit: by all means, get the Droid. At this point, I honestly feel that either choice would make any sane person incredibly happy"

Nilay from Engadget compares the feature heavy Droid and intuitive iPhone by alluding it to cars:

"It's like a muscle car and a Mercedes: most people are going to take the Benz, but the people who know they want a '69 Boss 429 aren't going to settle for anything less"

Like we mentioned in the beginning of this article, the success of Droid cannot be officially gauged until this financial quarter ends. Nevertheless, we are pretty sure that Motorola can actually end up selling lots of them. But is this an iPhone killer? Nope. On the contrary, Droid and iPhone can together provide a huge filip to the already booming smartphone segment. 

With the Droid looking pretty promising from the initial reviews, which of the smartphone do you think should feel threatened? Please do provide us your opinion in the comments. 

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