Verizon Anti-iPhone Campaign Drags On – Is it Time Verizon Stopped?

Verizon new print ad campaign against iPhone

"Petty tyrannies that have made their way into our cell phones. Into the very way we choose to speak to another human being" – so goes a new print ad published in Sports Illustrated by Verizon. 

After attacking AT&T and the iPhone in their ad campaigns, Verizon have finally taken on Steve Jobs himself. 

The new ad is not very different from the earlier "Droid Does" ad campaign. The print ad again talks of things that the iPhone doesn't and how well Motorola Droid does it. In a competitive market, one can always expect such attacking promotional campaigns. 

Verizon new print ad campaign against iPhone

However, we wonder if Verizon is now overdoing this. When Droid was still an unlaunched device, the 'Droid Does' campaign gave the brand the license to lay claim to leadership in the smartphone segment. Questions started being asked if the device can actually kill the iPhone. Our stand at that point was that, by claiming to do all that iPhone doesn't, Verizon was pitching Motorola Droid as a worthy alternative to the iPhone – something that can kill other handsets like Pre and Blackberry and help establish a market dominated just by the iPhone and Droid. 

However, it is now a few days since Droid's launch. Comparitive reviews between Droid and iPhone have been published a gazillion times by the media. Now with people having strong opinions for or against the Droid, it is time for the company to build Droid as an independent brand with its own positives and not cling to the anti-iPhone positioning. 

To be honest, the initial anti-iPhone stance helped Verizon a great deal in generating the buzz around the product. However a protracted campaign of this kind will only end up confusing the potential buyers – Should they go for a device because it offers a nice 5 megapixel camera or because it offers something supposedly better than iPhone?

Verizon needs to realize that the customers do not have a reason to hate the iPhone as the carrier themselves do. Hence, sales will not grow simply because they sell a device that is better than iPhone. Rather, sales will pick up if the users are convinced that it is indeed the coolest smartphone in the market. 

We are curious if our readers, like us,  are tired of the prolonging anti-iPhone ad campaigns. From a neutral perspective, do you think it will still help Verizon spike its sales up? Please tell us in the comments. 

[via The iPhone Blog]

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