Apple Tablet Could Come With Multi-Touch Tactile Feedback Keyboard – Will Apple Bring it to iPhone 4G?

Apple patent reveals tactile feedback could come to Apple tablet

We had recently written about rumors of Apple demoing their Tablet next month. 

One of the former Apple executives who had spoken about it had back then revealed how users would be "very surprised" about the way they interact with the Tablet. Now, patents filed by Apple earlier this year gives us an indication of what it actually might be. 

A patent filing titled "Multipoint Touch Surface Controller" reveals the development of a transparent touch sensor that can help in detecting multiple touch points. Apple explains that currently multiple touch sensors only work on opaque surfaces and this new technology can bring multi-touch to transparent surfaces as well. 

In another patent application titled "Keystroke Tactility Arrangement on a Smooth Touch Surface", Apple explains the use of an articulating frame that will provide key edge ridges on a dynamic touch screen when the device is keyboard mode. These key edges will offer tactile feedback helping in a better user experience. Also, these ridges shall retract back when the user no longer has to type. Explaining the process, Apple writes in their patent application:

"Specifically, the recognition software commands lowering of the frame when lateral sliding gestures or mouse clicking activity chords are detected on the surface. Alternatively, when homing chords (i.e., placing the fingers on the home row) or asynchronous touches (typing activity) is detected on the surface, the recognition software commands raising of the frame."

Apple patent reveals tactile feedback could come to Apple tablet

This is very interesting. If offered on the Tablet, the tactile feedback mechanism could solve one of the contentious issues among users who have long been used to physical keyboards and find using a virtual keyboard like that on an iPhone difficult. But it is not clear if this is going to be introduced just on the Apple Tablet or could also make its way into the iPhone. 

However, rumors of tactile feedback functions coming to the iPhone is not new. Earlier this year, we had reported on another patent filed by Apple called "Multi-touch display screen with localized tactile feedback" that sought to bring haptic feedback to the iPhone using 'piezoelectric actuators'. 

As for the Tablet itself, while the speculation about multi touch and tactile feedback coming to the device has spiced up curiosity among users even more, the likelihood of these patents being associated with the Tablet that is to be demoed in January is still doubtful. 

Do you think a multi-touch tactile feedback mechanism on the Tablet or the iPhone would enhance user experience? Do you see this coming to the iPhone anytime? Do tell us what you think. 

We wish all our readers Merry Christmas!

[via Apple Insider]

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