Apple’s January 26 “Big” Event To Focus On “Mobility Space”

January 26 event is on the mobility space

Late last week, we reported rumors about Apple having rented a stage at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco for an event to be held in the last week of January.

At that time, we speculated if this could be about the Apple Tablet since a few other rumors pointed us in that direction. 

Now, there is more to add to the rumors as Fox News has revealed a little more information about the event. According to a source from Apple, the January 26 gathering is going to be a "big" event with focus on the "mobility space". It is not often that we get to hear directly from Apple about media speculations, but the statements from the Apple executive has confirmed our earlier doubts about this being about something to do with the iPhone/iPod touch product line.

That being said, this is still not an official word from Apple. The event could as well be about the launch of the 8GB iPhone 3GS. Earlier this week, we had written about fresh rumors that had surfaced about its launch after a German iPhone user was delivered an 8GB iPhone 3G device in an iPhone 3GS package. But it is unlikely that a media event of this magnitude would be arranged to announce an 8GB iPhone device.

Apple has supposedly also been working with a few select app developers in getting their apps ready for demonstration in "full screen mode". While the context of the communication is not very clear, it is pretty likely that this could be for the on-screen demonstrations of the Apple Tablet. 

What do you think? Does the Apple exec's statements reveal an Apple Tablet announcement? Please tell us your views in the comments.

[via Fox News]