AT&T Is Indeed The Nation’s Fastest 3G Network!

AT&T is indeed the nation's fastest 3G network

Luke Wilson should feel vindicated. Despite the never-ending complaints from customers and ridicule from competitors, AT&T has managed to edge out Verizon in Gizmodo's annual test to measure the nation's fastest 3G network. 

Folks at Gizmodo conducted a 3G data test across 12 cities in United States.

Five locations in each of these cities was randomly picked to study the average download and upload speed using the 3G network of AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile. 

The results of the study has been pretty anti-climactic. In terms of average download speed, AT&T won in six out of twelve cities – Atlanta, San Francisco, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles and New York; while Verizon won in four cities – Las Vegas, Maui, Phoenix and Seattle. Sprint won in Tampa while T-Mobile won in Portland.

The results are even more astounding when it comes to the average upload speed. AT&T made a complete sweep winning the race in all twelve cities. At a national level too, AT&T is marginally above Verizon in download speed while it recorded nearly double the upload speed of the second best carrier, Verizon. 

Gizmodo's study throws some pretty interesting results, especially with AT&T having reported to have a better download speed even in the highly congested areas like New York and San Francisco. What does it mean to us, the users? Basically, it then boils down to what our individual priorities are – Is faster 3G all that we need or do we require better coverage as well?

With the study only measuring a parameter that AT&T has claimed leadership in all along, we are still only half-way in declaring the overall leader of the market. Unless we can substantially measure parameters like network reliability and coverage, this shall remain a futile exercise. 

What do you think?

[via Gizmodo]

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