Coming Soon: ProSwitcher – Free OpenSource Multitasking iPhone App for Jailbroken iPhones

Free OpenSource multitasking app for jailbroken iphones

Veteran users of jailbroken iPhones should be familiar with iPhone apps like Backgrounder, which allow multitasking. 

Backgrounder is a free jailbreak app that lets you open multiple iPhone applications simultaneously and also helps you keep track of open apps with the help of badges. 

While Backgrounder is free, it is still a pretty basic multitasking tool which does not offer too many options. A few weeks back we had reviewed another iPhone app for jailbroken iPhones called multifl0w that was built on top of Backgrounder and was much more sophisticated. While the features offered were definitely exciting, the jailbroken app was priced at $5, which we realize is a bit expensive especially considering that it is built on top of Backgrounder which itself is free. 

If you are among those who were put off by the price last time, here is an upcoming app that is still a few weeks from release but already sounds pretty promising. This app is called ProSwitcher and can basically do everything that multifl0w does except that this one is free. Early reviews point out that this app is much faster and easier to use than multifl0w and also consumes way less memory. However, the best part about the app is that it has been open-sourced by the developer Ryan Petrich; who is also the man behind the Springboard expose app OverBoard. 

Much like multifl0w, ProSwitcher too has been highly inspired from the multitasking features available on the Palm Pre WebOS. Incidentally, the app was earlier named as "PreSwitcher" only to be rechristened by the current name to avoid potential legal trouble.

You can checkout the screenshots of the iPhone app in action below: 

Free OpenSource multitasking app for jailbroken iphones

Free OpenSource multitasking app for jailbroken iphones

Free OpenSource multitasking app for jailbroken iphones

Right now, ProSwitcher is in beta testing and we shall let you know when it is ready for official release. Meanwhile if you are curious to test it rightaway, find the beta version of the jailbreak app on Ryan Petrich's page here

Please don't forget to drop us a line in the comments to tell us how it goes.

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